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2016 Demolition Derby Winners


Halftime Barrel Winner - Rick Stephens - $100.00

1st Heat - Steve Patterson - $250.00

2nd Heat - Sam Glerup - $250.00

1st Place Winner - Jeff Martin - $2000.00

2nd Place Winner - Sam Glerup - $1000.00

3rd Place Winner -  Nick Johnson - $500.00

Aug 12, 2017
Baker County Fair Grounds


  Haines Stampede Rodeo Association
Demolition Derby Rules
1. Prepaid entry guaranties number.
2. Red Flag on Stick
3. Must have Fire Extinguisher
4. No truck or utility vehicles or four wheel drive.
5. Car must be clean of past dirt, mud, etc.
6. ALL chrome, glass, plastic will be removed from car. NO glass in doors or panels.
7. Body must be secured with factory mount s or bushing, and factory size bolts.
8. Inside driver compartment you can install roll bar and or cage. You can have it
welded in four spots to frame directly behind firewall and at rear in front of rear
wheel wells. You can have one single bar over the center of the roof. Must be
tubing and not to exceed 3". No more than 4" of clearance from bottom bar to top of roof. If questions call JR at 541-523-3200, 541-379-5174 do not assume.
9. All bars around driver must be padded.
10. Inside bars are not allowed to be bolted to outside in anyway shape or form
11. Doors, trunks, and hoods will be secured with 1/4" or larger chain with a maximum of two wraps on the front, and two wraps on the rear.
12. Hood must have 12" x 12" hole for fire access and be bolted or chained at the rear.
13. Trunk will have inspection access. Trunk and hood can be bolted, 3/4" maximum diameter, 7 bolt max.
14. Radiator will be used either in stock location or on roof. If on roof must have steel pipe to radiator with maximum of 5" of rubber hose only. No extra coolant. Must be water only no Antifreeze.
15. Gas tank will be relocated to inside of car and secured. No plastic or fiberglass gas tanks. If stock gas tank is left in place, holes must be made so no fluid can be contained.
16. Engines will be clean for fire safety. Drivers will be allowed three fires in the engine area before disqualification. Any fire deemed dangerous by judges will put car out.
17. Battery-batteries will be relocated to inside of car; they will be securely fastened and covered.
18. Cars cannot be reinforced except for safety. Driver's door may be reinforced to protect the driver. A 4" channel, grader blade, or like may be used on outside of door. If using 4" channel, must be tapered. Driver door brace can run from door to door or door to floor on passenger side.
19. Drivers will have valid driver license. Driver's 18 years of age must have a signed liability waver from parents or guardian.
20. Safety helmets will be worn. Regulation seat belts will be used. Seatbelts will be worn at all times in arena or disqualified. Shoulder harness optional but recommended. Only one person/driver in the car. Eye protection is recommended.
21. Drivers will stop in case of fire or accident and remain in car until the event is over. Flag go up when car is out of action.
22. NO ALCOHOL for driver or pit crew.
23. All cars will participate in a heat to qualify for the main event.
24. Three minute time limit for non-moving cars.
25. Head on collisions are not permitted, head on crashes disqualifies both cars and no hitting on drivers door. If disqualified in heat, car will be allowed in main event.
26. Pre-registration will help eliminate duplicate car numbers. Numbers will be on sides and an 18" x 18" sign on the roof of car.
27. No radios.
28. Exhaust pipes will not extend past rear axle.
29. Drivers may inspect other cars, hand off though.
30. Cars will start head to head in heat and main events,
31. If car is disqualified in a heat, car will be allowed in the main event.
32. In the event of a rollover, derby will stop until car is righted. Rollover car will not be allowed to continue.
33. Entry fee - $50 car and driver. Pit passes are $30 each person. All drivers and pit crew must sign waiver.
34. Must have Rubber tires only.
35. Hoods, Trunk, and door allowed to be weld seams only. Welded must have equal space.
36. All official discussions are final.

Questions - Information

Call: JR Streifel

 541-519-3200 or 541-379-5174

Contact the Court at;  court@hainesstampede.com
If you are interested in any of the committees please feel free to contact us at the
below email or just drop in on a meeting.
   We eagerly welcome your input!!!