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Welcome to Haines Stampede "Cut'er Loose"

Princess- Gretchen Morgan

Hi, I am Gretchen Morgan, I am currently an 8th grader at the Baker Middle School. This is

important because this is where I meet Ms. Ed and was offered so many new and amazing opportunities.

When I was in 7th grade I would go to the library for study table, where Ms. Ed would sub a lot. Our love

for horses often got us off topic and on to how amazing they are. She talked about her daughter Annalea,

and how she was the Haines Court Adviser. She said Annalea was looking for some flag carriers and said I

would be perfect.  I loved this opportunity to spend more time on my horse learning new skills. I carried

flags this last summer alongside Skylar Blankenship, the 2018 Queen. I was in love from the beginning. I

loved everything about the queening side of rodeo, from the pretty ponies to the tons of hairspray. Skylar

was such an inspiration, she really taught me a lot, like how to make the best out of the anything. But

more seriously the art of staying graceful and calm.

Now that I have shared how I got here.  I would like to give you a little more on my background.  I

am currently active in volleyball, down-hill skiing, and will soon be rejoining golf. Some of my school

activities consist of peer mediation, TA’ing, and have been active in student council.  I received the award

of November Promise Student in the Baker School District. For the last three years, I have participated in

a .22 shoot held at the Baker VFW. I have place in the top three of my age group every year and this last

year I was scored second overall with a score of 100 points with 6 bullseye.

While I do love guns, I also love animals. I have been on a horse my entire life. I started riding solo

as soon as I could sit in the saddle, thanks to my dad. When I was five I started showing sheep in Halfway,

Oregon where in 2012 I took Grand Champion in Showmanship, and in 2013 I placed Reserve Champion

in Showmanship. In fourth grade, I joined 4H and began showing pigs at the Baker County Fair and

continued to show lambs at the Halfway Fair.  This gave me a great opportunity to be involved with many

different species of animals. Through 4H I also participate in photography, cooking, and blanket/quilt

making. In this area I have received several ribbons for Best of Show and purple championship


One thing that I haven’t mentioned is my family and my goals. I don’t even know where to start

with my family, they are honestly what makes this such an amazing experience for me. They are

extremely supportive and loving, they will always be there for me and my year on rodeo court. My mom,

Amanda Morgan, grew up in Boise, Idaho on a few acres with some horses, she participated in 4H and

many other outdoor activities. My dad, Luke Morgan, was born and raised here in this beautiful town of

Baker City. He is always out fishing with his mom or helping the family out on the ranch. My brother

Ethan is a whole different story. He is so funny and always makes me laugh. We pretend to not like each

other, but really, I do love him. I am thankful for him and his strange ways. My family is amazing and I

can’t wait for this year on rodeo court with them and our new adventures.  

I have many goals for this year on the Haines Stampede Rodeo Court. One of my main goals, is

improving my public speaking. I know that with this new adventure I will do a lot of talking and would

like to do it to the best of my ability, but also in my everyday life. I would also like to improve feeling

comfortable in pictures. When it comes to horsemanship there are so many things I want to improve and

challenge myself with. My goals aren’t only for this year, In high school I plan on joining FFA and continue

with rodeo court. I am planning to graduate with honors from High School. Attend college to earn a

degree in the medical field possibly as an Ultra Sound/X-Ray Technician or Registered Nurse. This career

will not only give me a chance to continue helping people but also give me skills I can use with animals in

my future. I don’t know exactly what the future hold for me but I can definitely see myself returning to

Baker County after college. As you can see my list of goals is pretty long and I am still adding to it as new

adventures come my way.

I believe that this experience will help me meet a lot of these goals and I am thankful for this

amazing opportunity.  I am excited to meet new people and thankful for this amazing opportunity to

represent the Haines Stampede Rodeo with grace and dignity. Thank you again.

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