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Welcome to Haines Stampede "Cut'er Loose"

Queen- Skylar Blankenship

 Skylar Blankenship, 2018 Haines Stampede Rodeo Court

Hello, my name is Skylar Blankenship and I am currently a junior at the

North Powder High School. I’d like to thank my Aunt and Uncle, Mark and

Shelly Conro, my brothers and sisters, Lane Skidgel, and everyone who has

sponsored and assisted me throughout this journey. You’ve all helped me in

different ways that have built me up to be where I am today. 

Once I moved to Haines with my Aunt and Uncle, I slowly began to get

into horses. Watching rodeos and everyone compete made me really want to

experience the thrill of rodeo. My Aunt would get me lessons out at Benny

Ruda’s so I could start practicing and not too long after I got my first horse,


I love being in the outdoors, being with my family, riding my horses,

shooting shotguns, competing in track and in FFA. These activities inspire me

to be a better person and a more active person through my community. 

During the winter, my family usually gets together to have a trap shoot.

We have a family competition, and just to have a good time with everyone

who’s there. It is a great way to spend time with my family.

I have been competing in high school track for three years, in javelin,

discuss, and long jump. It is a fun way to bond with a team but also a good way

to work on my personal skills, along with staying in shape. 

FFA was not my favorite activity at first, but as the first year went on, I

got involved with parliamentary procedure and fell in love. In 2015, I started

competing on the North Powder FFA Chapter Parliamentary Procedure Team;

we worked our way through the competitions and ended up competing at the

National Level in 2016. Flying halfway across the country to compete at the

National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, is an experience I will never

forget and treasure forever.

After high school, I plan on going to college. After college I would like

move to Wyoming to start a ranch there and to possibly take part in more

rodeo courts along the way. Wyoming interests me with the open spaces, good

hunting, lots of rodeos and my brother, Keegan lives there. 

I’d like to thank the Haines Stampede Rodeo board for this opportunity

to represent this amazing rodeo and community, especially with my good

friend Ashley Hoffman. This year is going to be loaded with fun!

Cut ‘er Loose

Skylar Blankenship

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