PO Box 202 Haines, Oregon 97833


Welcome to Haines Stampede "Cut'er Loose"


Added Money to all Events- Rough Stock and TIme Events


-To Enter Call - 541-786-8788 leave message if no answer

Books Open: June 15- 7:00 AM Pacific


Events and Cost Information:

Rodeo Events / Entry Fees 


*Ages 13 & Under / **July 3 only / ***July 4 only 

**Stock Fee Included in Entry Fee**

Bareback-  $80.00 entry fee

Saddle Bronc- $80.00 entry fee                                     

Ranch Saddle Bronc- $80.00 entry fee

Junior Ranch Saddle Bronc- $50.00 entry fee (Vest Required)* 

Bull Riding-  $80.00 entry fee

Junior Steer Riding-  $50.00 entry fee

Team Roping-  $160.00 team fee

Baker/Union County Team Roping- $160.00 team fee

Calf Roping-  $80.00 entry fee

Big Loop Roping-  $160.00 team fee

Steer Wrestling-  $80.00 entry fee

Junior Breakaway Roping-  $50.00 entry fee*

Senior Breakaway Roping-  $80.00 entry fee

Junior Barrel Racing-  $50.00 entry fee* 

Senior Barrel Racing-  $80.00 entry fee


Cowhide Race-  $45.00 entry fee

Wild Pony Race-  Entry Fee $75.00 (3 Kid Team Boys & Girls ages 9-14 (Vest required))

Wild Cow Race-  $105.00 entry fee (3 Man Team)**

Wild Cow Milking-  $70.00 entry fee (2 Man Team)***

Mutton Busting-  No Fee Entry (60lb. Limit / Helment Required)