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Welcome to Haines Stampede "Cut'er Loose"

Becoming a Sponsor



Announcer Tower - $1000

plus 8 tickets to rodeo (tickets can be used on Third or Fourth of July)- Name in program and webpage and on Announcer Tower during the Haines Stampede. The sponsor name is also announced during the rodeo and is visible from Highway 30. The Tower Sponsor name is also added to our Court horse Trailer as the Arena/Tower Sponsor and the trailer travels to Eastern Oregon rodeos and parades. Business to provide Banner

Arena Gate Sponsors- $500

plus 4 tickets to rodeo (tickets can be used on Third  or Fourth of July) banner on gates in area during the  Haines Stampede, in program, and webpage. Also  Appears on the Court horse trailer under Arena/Tower   Sponsors. Court horse trailer travels to Eastern Oregon Rodeos. Sponsor to provide banner.

Rodeo Bucking Chute Gates - $500

 plus 4 tickets to rodeo (tickets can be used on  Fourth or Fifth of July) (6 bucking chutes, South Arena  gate, 2 stripping chutes south end), signage on gate  during the Haines Stampede, in program, and webpage And appears on the Court horse Trailer when renewed. Court horse Trailer travels to Eastern Oregon Rodeos And parades. 


Bleacher signs facing Hwy 30 - $275 first year, $75.00 annually thereafter.  Displayed year round (removed for repairs)-name in Program

Award Rodeo Buckles - $175 annually

name in program & announced during  Buckle event.  Webpage as a buckle sponsor  and on winners page of webpage. 

Horse Trailer Advertisement – Prices range from $150 to $350 annually.

 depends on the placement and size of   name/advertisement. -name also appears in Program   and on webpage as court trailer sponsor. Horse Trailer  travels to all the rodeos/ parades in Eastern Oregon.   

Court Crown or Buckle Sponsor - $175.00 - 

listed as court sponsor in program and on court webpage

The Haines Stampede Rodeo is very open to other forms of Sponsorship/Advertising opportunities for our community partners. Please contact us with your thoughts. 

The Haines Stampede is a two day rodeo event, July 3rd and 4th, in the City of Haines. The attendance for the two days averages 5000.

Rodeo Sponsor Contact information: 

Colleen Taylor



Demolition Derby Half Time Sponsor - $3000 

Tower advertising at the Baker County Fair Grounds during the event. Business  mentioned by the announcer during event. 10 Seats in the Tower Box with 20 beer tokens. Business listed as half time event sponsor on Demolition Derby page of Haines Stampede Webpage. Thank you picture of Half  Time entertainment. Business to provide banners. 

There are many levels of advertising for the Demolition Derby. 

The Demolition Derby is a one day event on the Saturday of the Baker County Fair and takes place at the Baker County Fair Grounds. Attendance averages 1500.

Derby Sponsor Contact information: 

JR Striefel 541-379-5174