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Welcome to Haines Stampede "Cut'er Loose"

The first record we have been able to find on the Haines Stampede is an annual rodeo was held in the mid-1890's in the Rock Creek township of Haines. In the 1920's the Cut 'er Loose theme appeared on the presentation saddle. 

The Haines Stampede from the 1920's until the early 1980's was held at its current location on the South end of Haines city limits.  At one time it boasted a race track for local horses. Held as part of the Haines Fourth of July celebration, the rodeo has long been the Baker County place to be on the Fourth of July. In the mid 1980's after two years in the Driggers Arena, because the rodeo grounds had fallen into disrepair, the rodeo disbanded and was not held again until July 4th 1991. 

That spring community volunteers came together, reorganized and built the facility we use today. Year the association strives to improve the grounds and improve the rodeo for our community. We strive to bring the best stock and rodeo talent to each performance. With the normal rodeo events, we also want to give our young cowboys and cowgirls a place to start so some of our events are for them like junior steer riding, mutton busting, cowhide racing and junior timed events.  You will also see big loop roping and the infamous saddle cow race.


In 2010 The Haines Stampede Partnered with the Baker County Shriners to help them raise money for the East West Shrine Game and the Portland Hospital.  Over the past 4 years we have been able to donate around $15,000 to thier cause.  We also supoport the Rodeo with two other fundraisers  The Demolation Derby- Held at the Baker County Fair and Our Annual Christmas Tree sales At dusk on July 4th celebrate with us and watch the fireworks from the grounds of the best little rodeo, in the best nation, in the best community on the Oregon  Trail. 

Haines Oregon,  "Where there is whiskey in the water and gold in the streets."

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